We are developing a new IT-system for food collectives to meet the demand for a more varied supply of sustainable goods. 

Copenhagen Food Co-op and our new platform:

We have existed since 2008 and have nine departments round town. As a member you can buy our vegetable bag every Wednesday for 115 kr.

In The Copenhagen Food Co-operative:

  • We trade directly with small scale farmers through a close, trust based relationship. This way we support the business of idealistic farmers and local economy more broadly. This as an alternative to large scale farming, which serves the export markets.
  • We lead the way in setting new standards for sustainability and organic farming by buying from producers who make an extra effort regarding soil fertility, environment, climate and biodiversity.
  • We work on concrete solutions towards a locally founded food culture, where quality, freshness, seasonality, and community are the central elements. We do this by dealing with local farmers, making recipes and cook books, community dinners, workshops and lectures.
  • We are a diverse non-hierarchical organisation, where people can contribute in many different ways and on many different levels. In other words: we are civil society and volunteer-driven engagement in practice.
  • We avoid food waste, both in the field by buying products which do not necessarily conform to the standard requirement of super markets, and also in our shop by primarily buying goods pre-ordered by our members. And when we do have leftovers we donate it to various causes.
  • We minimise packaging by receiving our good in return boxes and packing the vegetables in canvas bags.

About the new IT-system.

In 2017, we formulated a new business plan, Københavns Fødevarefællesskab 2.0. It is in danish, but can be read here. It depicts our vision of the future of food collectives.

One of the main points was to offer a more varied and flexible supply. We are developing a new online platform, which will support this demand.

First and foremost, this platform will mean that you can order the goods you want in the amount you want – of course subject to seasonal availability.

Beside this you will be able to:

  • Make a repeat order instead of having to order for each week.
  • Pay with Visa and Mastercard, instead of only with Dankort as it is now.
  • Enroll in KBHFF from home and start buying fruit and vegetables right away instead of going down in the department to become a member.

The platform is being developed under an open source licence. It will thus be a common good for food collectives and similar initiatives to reuse and adapt to their own needs.