Københavns Fødevarefællesskab (KBHFF) is a member-based and member-driven food co-operative in Copenhagen, Denmark. KBHFF is an alternative to the ordinary profit-driven supermarket chains. We have eight departments around Copenhagen.
We offer local, seasonal, organic and biodynamic produce with lots of taste and quality at affordable prices. Read more about our principles below.

  • To us “consumer influence” is not just the opportunity to choose between different brands and groceries. In KBHFF, the customers are members, owners and co-workers.
  • As a member you can buy cheap, seasonal, locally produced organic fruit and vegetables every week.
  • Members are generally expected to put in three hours of work in the co-op every month (regular members only - see below). This could be packing vegetables in the shop, ordering vegetables, arranging debates, fixing the website, etc. 

As co-owners of KBHFF, all members have a say in the operation and development of the co-op. All decisions regarding the products and economy are taken by the members of KBHFF, and every member has the opportunity to influence these decisions.

As a member-owned co-op, we only have to take care of the interest of our members. Any profit is used to reduce the price of the vegetables, develop the co-op or socially responsible projects in the city around us.

Read about the future of KBHFF here!

How does it work?

Anyone can become a member of KBHFF. As a member of KBHFF, you can buy a bag of organic fruit and/or vegetables in our local departments every week, as well as other products such as flour, honey, vegetable oil, jam, apple juice, etc.

Already a member and need guidance?

See our quick start guide (Danish and English) and our Q&A (only in Danish).

How to sign up?

You can sign up from home online or by coming to any department during the opening hours. See where to find our departments and when they are open on this page.

Types of memberships

Two types of memberships are possible.
You can choose either to be a regular member (volunteer = frivillig) or a "support" member (støttemedlem).

All members pay a one-time sign-up fee of 100 kr. when their account is created.
Every year in May, all members pay 200 kr. of yearly membership fee. The amount of this fee is discussed every year during the general assembly in April.
The price of retail produce and products is the same for all members. Extra bags (løssalgsposer) sometimes available in the retail section can be bought for 125 kr. regardless of your type of membership.

You can change membership type when it suits you but please remember to warn your local department to make sure they do not expect your help (if you become a supportmember) or that you get assigned to a team for your shift (if you become a volunteer). You can contact departments here.

Regular members (volunteers / frivillige)

  • You have to contribute to the organisation by working 3 hours every month. Many different working groups and shift types are possible (packing produce, welcoming members in the departments, website communication, logistics, driver, board, IT, etc.). Write to your local department or check our Wiki to join a team.
  • The price of a vegetable bag is 115 kr. (100 kr. for the rest of 2021)
  • A fruit bag is 55 kr.
  • Seasonally available: Potato bag at 19 kr. / Asparagus bag at 55 kr. / Mushroom bag at 30 kr.

Support members (støttemedlemmer)

  • You are not expected to volunteer.
  • The price of a vegetable bag is 140 kr.
  • A fruit bag is 55 kr.
  • Seasonally available: Potato bag at 19 kr. / Asparagus bag at 55 kr. / Mushroom bag at 30 kr.

Products and orders

You need to pre-order your bag in one of our local departments or via the internet (at least one week in advance) and pick it up on a Wednesday afternoon in your local department.
Retail produce and other "shelf-products" can be bought on the same day and do not need to be pre-ordered (but check with your department for availability).
You can pre-order for several weeks at once, or just for the following week. You are under no obligation to buy a set amount of bags a month.

The weekly bag typically contains 6-8 different kinds of locally produced and seasonally based organic fruit and vegetables.

Note that it is your own responsibility to pick up your bag during opening hours. If you forget to pick up your bag, we won’t refund your order.

To see more examples of bag composition, look at our ugens pose (bag of the week) and archives.

Our principles

  • We trade directly with small scale farmers through a close, trust-based relationship. This way we support the business of idealistic farmers and local economy more broadly. This is an alternative to large scale farming, which serves the export markets.
  • We lead the way in setting new standards for sustainability and organic farming by buying from producers who make an extra effort regarding soil fertility, environment, climate and biodiversity.
  • We work on concrete solutions towards a locally founded food culture, where quality, freshness, seasonality, and community are the central elements. We do this by dealing with local farmers, making recipes and cook books, community dinners, workshops and lectures.
  • We are a diverse non-hierarchical organisation, where people can contribute in many different ways and on many different levels. In other words: we are civil society and volunteer-driven engagement in practice.
  • We avoid food waste, both in the field by buying products which do not necessarily conform to the standard requirements of supermarkets, and also in our shop by primarily buying goods pre-ordered by our members. When we do have leftovers we donate it to various causes.
  • We minimise packaging by receiving our goods in return boxes and packing the vegetables in canvas bags.

Our structure