Dear KBHFF members,

The IT working group is proud to announce that two important milestones have been reached recently and wanted to share some updates with you:

  • We have launched a new version of the KBHFF website ( with updated content and design. The website was made by parentNode (, the company who is developing our new membership system.
  • The membership system project continues to make progress: we recently completed phase 3b2 of our development plan, meaning there are only three phases left before the project is finished! Below, you can find a link to a video demonstrating some of the features that were included in this phase.
  • We're recruiting! We're looking for people to join the steering group (to help replace core members who are leaving over the next half year) or to help with writing Danish text for the new member system. Technical skills are a bonus but are not necessary, especially for helping with text writing.

To find out more about the IT working group and our work, keep reading or check our wiki pages!

The new public website

Firstly, we have launched an updated version of the website. This is where you can read news, general info on the organization, the content of the bags, etc.

Have you noticed that it looks different? It's been remade from scratch by parentNode ( on a new platform after our old WordPress website was targeted by hackers last year.

All of the content has been reviewed, the navigation has been optimized, and some new content has been created, which was a huge task!

A few details are still to be worked on, and if you wish to give a hand (for instance with double checking info, improving clarity, etc.) or if you want to give some constructive feedback, please do not hesitate to write to

The communication group ( will be maintaining the content of the website. They're also happy to welcome new people on board!

The new member system is moving forward

It has been a long, technically-challenging and very exciting process to redesign and develop our member system (from scratch – read more about this decision on our wiki). Many of you supported us last year during our crowdfunding campaign and we thank you again for your contribution! It is being put to good use.

The member system is the website you use to order bags for yourself and to help others when you're on your shift. But it's also much more! The purchase group (indkøbsgruppen) uses it to work out how much fruit and how many vegetables to buy. It is also where departments and central groups can write to members and where you can manage your own information and membership, etc.

We were very happy to recently reach one of our milestones: we finished phase 3b2. We made a video to illustrate the new features developed in this subphase for the board of KBHFF. If you're curious to see what we've been working on, have a look at the video here.

Future steps

Now that the backbone is ready and we're done with developing core functions (sign-up, management of members, kasse, etc.), the next two subphases are dedicated to the webshop where orders for bags will be made. Finally, the last subphase before launch will focus on allowing departments to communicate with their members.

Many ask us when the member system will be released and we're working hard to wrap it up before the general assembly 2021. You can follow our progress by reading our meeting minutes, always available on the wiki, or by joining us!

We are recruiting!

Help us with the last 3 subphases before launch

Several core members of the group will soon be leaving Denmark and we'd be happy to welcome new forces for these last crucial and exciting steps! You don't need technical knowledge (but if you have it we're also very happy). You can read about our work here.

Special need for Danish writers

Many of us in the group are not Danish so we need help with reviewing small texts and sentences in Danish.

If you're up to helping either of these, please write to and we'll show you where you can help.

With green and warm greetings,
IT working group: Sarah, Josh, Clemens, Julie, and Alexander. / parentNode team: Martin, Søren, Peter, David, and Razu.